Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursdays update and a Bug Me card

Oh Oh, there have been a few problems with the on line ordering that I told you all about.

As soon as the little gliches have been sorted out, I will let you know.

Although it was raining yesterday, I thought I would brave the weather to show you the flowers that are out, I have to look up how to spell them.  Rhododendrons, that is what they are.

They are only out for a short time but what a stunning display.  Also Paul gets to see what he is missing.

At the front of the house, usually hidden by Paul's car we have the acer which is stunning and these little white flowers that love the sunshine

And of course my rose, which is just outside the front door.  This has started to get lots of buds and is just starting to flower. Fingers crossed that this will last the whole of summer

Enough of the garden photos, even in the rain.  We have been told that sunshine is on its way which is great news.

Here is a card that we made at another recent class using the Bug Me Stampin' Up! stamp set.

I made little tags to go with it but can I find them?  no.  They are in my nice tidy craft room where everything has been put just needs a hoover later.

Best get my skates on for another busy morning at work and then its off to visit mum this afternoon.

Have a wonderful day and thank you for visiting.

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