Monday, May 6, 2013

Sunny Bank Holiday Monday

Good morning, I do hope that those off work are enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend.  I know that not everyone is off today. 

I dont have any photos from the Cypriot Easter yesterday just yet but I am sure that when they all wake up (sometime after 12), the girls will send me the pics for me to share.  I am told that the Preston BBQ was lovely but tiring.  The Nicosia lunch was lovely as it also coincided with a birthday and a name day so all girls, quite happy.

Yesterday I managed to have a wander around Derby Shopping Centre and then I spent a wonderful couple of hours just sat in the sunshine chatting away to my sis.  I dont remember the last time I did that and it was great.  Today I have a red arm and a red chest (looking a bit like the robin that visits my garden).  Then it was feet up and watched the last of Endevour.  I have loved that series as it has been one of the few dramas that I didnt know "who dun it" until they told us.  A lot of dramas I realise who the culprit is quite early on but not with Endevour.

Today I am on a mission with my continual changing around, sorting out and putting things away.  I have decided that my crafting magazines have to go so for every one I shall keep, 5 will have to go.  Arent I cruel?  If you or someone you know would like some crafting magazines, send them my way.

Here is the first page of March 2013 that I am scrapbooking.  I am still not brilliant at this but I keep having a go.

And here are a couple of close ups but the focus isnt brilliant.

I do like double pages so I have the other page to photograph for you and I am already thinking about Aprils page.

The sunshine is due to be out for most of the day so, if I can, I shall be have a little tidy up outside later today, totally relaxing on a Bank Holiday. 

I hope you manage to enjoy the day and thank you for looking at my blog.

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