Monday, August 4, 2014

Bags on a Monday

I cant stop myself from buying bags, oh no not the radleys, Michael Koors or Guess etc.  shopping bags.  I know for a fact that some of my crafty friends and family members are the same so I am not alone with this addiction.  There is just something about a certain bag that makes me buy one, every now and again.  And of course, friends that know me and my addiction often get me a bag as a gift.  Well, with the move, I have had to put all my shopping bags together, oopps.  I am having to reduce the number I own because I really dont need to use a different bag every day of the month now do I? 

These are the ones that are staying, as well as the Ikea ones oh and the big M&S ones as well and the freezer bag types too *giggle*

These will be in my car in the boot, in case I get caught short (or need to put a few crafty bits in a bag after a shopping trip).

Not forgetting my bingo bag, which has all my bingo things in it.
And here they are all packed in a box, ready to go on a shelf in the new crafty space (when its finished), so I can find one when I need one *cough cough*

Yesterday  I managed to get lots of washing done and putting things away, then spent the evening with lots of lovely girlies, my daughter-in-law and the grand girls.  

Hows about this little vine then!! Paul reckons I need to get the black bucket out, scrub my feet and make wine...yeah right.

Today I have sorted out a few boxes from the garage, the ironing and I believe that something a little crafty will be happening later this evening, well, while the cats away the mice will play. 

All Stampin' Up! orders are in for this week but I do believe that there may be another little one ready to go in next Sunday so, if you would like a treat, get in touch.  No matter how small or large, we can just add all the orders together and, if the order meets £150, there will be 5 ink pads to give away, YEAH. 

Have a lovely evening and thanks for having a read.

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Jackie said...

I thought I had a lot of bags, but you definitely beat me hands down!
You have been busy since my last visit, and a gorgeous new baby in the family too :o)
Jackie xx