Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cloudy Saturday

Its been a rather busy week.  On top of the day job, I have been painter, seemstress, brickys mate, sweeper uper and tea masher.  Not to mention sandwich maker and washer uper phew, about ready for a rest.

This week has been hectic but lots to show for it.

Uncle Dave celebrated his birthday and here is a card I made earlier, actually I thought his birthday was in June and had it all ready to post, then found out it was in August, phew.

My new crafty space is coming along nicely, we have a new window, plaster boarded out and ready for the plasterer who arrived first thing this morning.
From this

To this

I have to do a tip run some time today as we have so much rubble and I wont let Paul go away leaving the side of the house looking like a builders yard, bless him.

I have had a few nights supping teas and coffees with friends and relatives, so a bit of down tool time as well.  Crafty time, ohhh, lots of inclination but nothing doing, drat.  It wont be long and I will soon be making up for lost time.

A bit of gardening has been done too.

This week, SU have some wonderful weekly deals and the next order, is due to go in on Monday.  I do have quite a few orders here at home and I will be getting in touch with everyone to let them know what is what.  Oh, its so exciting getting something new.

I shall be cleaning the decking and popping a table cloth on the table this morning (as well as getting rid of all the cobwebs), so, if you fancy a cuppa, kettle is on all day today and I will always be in need of a sit down.

Thanks for having a read and have a great day.

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