Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Colourful colurs

Pinks, blues, greens, yellows, purples I have considered them all, for the colour on my walls on my new crafty space.

I finally decided to go with green but then goodness, there are so many shades. I have gone with wellbeing ( bottom photo, top colour) as I think it will be calming and match well with my white units, coloured boxes and I can always accessories with creams, pinks, blues etc.  all will go with the pastel green and, to be honest, you wont see tons of it as I will be having units in front of the walls.

Well the wallpaper is up, the new window is in and today the door and other window are to go in yikes, its all happening.  I hope that the floor and skirting go down tomorrow, Thursday and then Friday its a case of bringing the boxes in from the spare room.  I guess I will be doing that all afternoon Friday and all over the weekend so, if you are feeling strong, you are most welcome to pop in to help move more boxes and I promise to baking yet though.

I have started on the little border outside the new crafty space, next to the vine

I will keep the vine for this year but it may have to go for next year......a decision I dont have to make today. Starting to look colourful.

Talking of decisions, would you like to join Stampin' Up?  Would you like to become a demonstrator yourself, hold parties, meet other demonstrators and get discounted products?  Or how about just the discounted products for you and  your family / friends.  On Friday there is a brand new offer where you can sign up at a discounted price and get extra goodies in  your starter kit.  If you would like to know more before Friday, give me a call on 01332 721877.

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Lesley said...

glad you crafty space is comming along well - Lesley x