Sunday, August 31, 2014

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Right then, where did the weekend go?  I cant believe its back to work again tomorrow already.  Having said that, where has the year gone to?  Today is the last day of August and according to my daughter in Cyrpus, Christiana, Summer ends today, yikes.  I hope she is wrong as I havent had my holiday yet but not long to go.

Yesterday I spent the day in the lovely company of Nikki Payne and we made a Christmas Lantern, which I shall show you later in the week.  It isnt quite finished but it is lovely.  So that was Saturday taken care off which was followed by the X factor.  So, what do you think?  I really enjoyed it.

Sunday I was up at the crack of dawn in agony.  I believe that I have pulled a muscle in my arm and driving to and from Peterborough agrivated it.  Having never done this before I cant believe the pain it has caused.  Obviously that has meant that today, I havent been able to do a lot.  That might not be a bad thing as I never seem to stop these days.  It took me nearly 4 hours to have a shower, get dressed and dry my hair, really, it is that bad.  I will just rest it again tonight but I will be going to bed extremely early to try to catch up.

As well as the pain with my arm in bed, I heard the foxes outside my window again, tut tut.  I went and had a look and I wished that I hadnt.  I believed that they were "ragging" is that the right term? an animal.  Sharing between them, yaks.  When I got up this morning I saw a man standing outside my gate, leaning on is, whilst his dog did its business.  This man just walked off well.  I rushed outside and shouted like a common fishwife "oy you, your dog has left this mess outside my gate" "How do you know it is my dog" he said, to which I replied "cause I saw you on the camera".  Well this chappy came rushing back, doggie bag in hand and cleared up the mess.  Phew, so on the way back into the house I saw this

It wasnt an animal the foxes were playing with, it was my dead expensive door mat, little bu**ers.  I am putting pepper all over the garden tonight, see if that does anything.

I have managed to take some more bits and bobs into the crafty space over the weekend, but not much.  It is starting to take shape now and I do have a 1/4 of a table to work on.

I have made these.....cute?

Do you like the greeting?  you can get this free if you hold a party during September and October
So, fancy a party? Get in touch if you do and I can tell you more.

Time to put feet up now, enjoy your Sunday evening and I shall more news tomorrow.  Thanks for having a read

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Karen said...

Cute cards. Sorry to hear about your arm.Hope it's better soon.
We get foxes but they've never done any damage like your mat. Pesky things.

Love Karen x