Saturday, August 2, 2014

Soggy Saturday

The forecast for today is wet, wet and wet so if you are in Derby and due to go out, take your brolly.

Its the weekend, phew.  I have a few plans for today but we all know what happens to my plans.  I do want to go and visit the newest member of our family, Charleigh.  She is a few days old and whilst she made a very hectic start to her life, I hear she is a little darling. There is also food shopping, washing and the hoovering and polishing.

Then of course there are the bags to empty from last night.  We had our monthly Derby Dabblers crafty get together and it was wonderful.  Mawgan made this scrumy cake and has been nominated our monthly cakerer.

I made the start of 4 birthday cards and as soon as they are finished, I shall share them with you.

We had a little crafty sale and I think that next month, we shall be having another little crafty sale. Ladies bring in a few items that they no longer need and everyone has the opportunity to purchase a few bits.  Its a great way to build up your crafting collection, use things for a while and then pass them on and to empty a box or two of items that you no longer want.   I will tell you more about it, nearer the time for our next Derby Dabblers get together.  As I am home alone this weekend, I just may have to have a little play with all my crafty bits as I empty my bags and before they get put away....why not.

Here are the Stamperettes thank you gifts for this month.  All the Stamperettes received their own wish list book.

 I used the new craft journals and decorated them with the new templates which are a bargain.  Popped them inside the new dotty bags, cant stop using these lovely little things.  Tied them up with the new thick bakers twine and added a little tag.  Unfortunately, I couldnt get my hands on my SU stamps to decorate the tags but I do have my fingers crossed that I will be able to empty a few boxes this time next month.

Next order is going in on Sunday afternoon.  If you would like a little something or even a lot of something from Stampin' Up! please do get in touch, 01332 721877 or email me  

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a great, (and dry) Saturday.

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Lesley said...

The cake looks scrummy - Lesley x