Friday, September 11, 2015

Cards for the Birthday Box

Phew, its Friday and its going to be warm (sorry Jackie).  No time to play with new crafty bits and pieces but I will get time tonight as its Christmas card and chatter get together and I am hoping lots of ladies pop in to collect bags of goodies, say hello and manage to stay for a quick cuppa.  I have to get finger out and tidy crafty space up as it's been rather productive (messy) in there the last couple of days.

It was Aunty Vals birthday yesterday but I cant share her card.  She is abroad and I dont think she will have taken it with her, she does read the blog *waving*  It is Amy's birthday today, our niece, but I know she wont have her card till lunch time so again, I cant share that.....over the weekend I will catch up.  I can share 2 more cards that are going in the box though.

We made these in a crafty class and I have just finished off the inserts for them.

Conservatory saga....A chappie turned up, sent by Cloudy to Clear to look at damage to see if he could repair it.  He is proposing to put a plastic resin inside all the holes, sand it all down and whilst the colour will be different, it will block the holes up.  He said he would also take out all the panes of glass, clean the bottom of the units that have all the dirt and put the glass back.  He will also clean all the windows!  He sounds a nice chappy but because he said he has to drill the holes to be even bigger before he starts the work has frightened me a bit.  I left it that as soon as Cloudy to Clear tell me he can do the work, we will book it in but, I am not sure.  As we still have leaking windows,  I rang up and out David came, chiselled away plastic and off he went but before he left, he told me that the chappie that came out to look at the damage, was probably the brother in law of the manager of Cloudy to Clear!!! oh dear

Right, I had best get myself off to work, thanks for having a read and have a lovely day x

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