Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tuesday's Twitter

Good morning and thanks for nipping in today for a read.  Fingers crossed the internet works and I
get to post this out.

Here is another card made recently.

I have taken to making up a few kits I purchased as I find it really relaxing and very inspirational.  There are always lots and lots of wonderful bits and pieces left over from the kits which inspires me to make a few more cards, along a similar theme.  If you want to find out a little more about these kits, do let me know.  I think they are great presents and I know that Santa will be taking some to the grandchildren this year.

We got the birthday cake ordered yesterday, the food ordered and then got told more people would be coming along to Christianas birthday lunch. Whilst we have been here the numbers have risen from the 5 of us, to 10 of us and now it's 24, yikes.  But I will take it I. My stride and we shall have a perfect day.

Off to eat breakfast in the sunshine, have a great day X

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