Sunday, September 6, 2015

Smashing Sunday

Good morning on this lovely sunday, not yet 9am and the washer is on for the second time, the first lot is already on the line.  Busy bee today.

Last night, the garage alarm went off, again.  Not too sure what we are going to do about that *sorry neighbours*

Paul came home whoop whoop so it was a lovely afternoon and evening.  He came home with a brown paper bag with this inside, oh you know how I love my tins....

And there are 4 pairs of socks inside.  He said I was more excited about the actual packaging than the insides, opps, he knows me so well.

The conservatory saga continues - after hearing nothing for a week I called the company again on Friday.  If you recall I had work done and the lads drilled from the inside of the conservatory all the way to the outside leaving holes and damaged the window frame and window sill.   Manager came round to inspect and said he would send David.  David turned up and wanted to put a couple of old plastic bits over the holes, to which I said no.  Well, David was supposed to come back this week and he hasnt so, I have complained again.  It now appears that the company are not sure if it was the Manager that came out to see the damage or not?  The company have told me that they now want to send someone who deals with frames out to fix the problem but he is on holiday.  I am to get a phone call on tomorrow with more information, not a happy bunny over this.  I will let you know what happens next.

It is Christmas Card and Chatter on Friday night.  If you are coming along, please let me know so that I know how many to cater for (and to make sure we have enough chairs).  

Thanks for having a read, have a smashing Sunday x

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Lesley said...

what a lovely surprize - bamboo sock are supposed to be really good - sadly I don't own a pair - have a lovely Sunday x