Monday, March 14, 2016

merry monday 11

Good morning and brr it is a bit chilly here in Derby.  At the moment it is 4 degree but by lunch time that is supposed to go up to 11 degrees.  Some sunshine but mostly cloud is the forecast but that will do me lovely.

I am pleased to say that the right hand is doing a lot better this morning.  I am now able to close it and straighten it and most of the swelling has gone.  It is still rather painful but nothing like it was.  I may just have to put the ironing off for yet another day or two.  As I was concerned about using my right hand to do some big shot dies, I used the left one.  Today I am in agony with it, same pain as I had in the right one.  At least I know what the cause of it is and there will be no more die cutting for a while, ooops.

I have made some Easter baskets (all die cut of course), filled them with straw and chocolates ready for Thursday afternoons crafty get together. 

There is just one place available on Thursday if you would like to come along.  Please get in touch to reserve your place.

Would you like some straw for your Easter project?  I have lots available.

As it is Merry Monday, here is another Christmas Card that we received.

This is from P.Ann and its stunning.  Our Christmas card and chatter night on Friday was another very productive night and I really enjoyed it.

Right, I had best get a wiggle on, hubby is home today for a short while and I have 101 things to do before he arrives.  Thanks for having a read and have a lovely day x

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