Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Midweek Musing

Yesterday was another late day at work and I guess that today will be too.  Never mind, at least I can cope with it.

I came home to wonderful sunshine on Tuesday so I cleaned down the area outside the backdoor, did a bit of cutting of dead stalks, swept up, sorted a few plant pots out and then started on the white steps/doors and window sills.  Was at it for nearly 2 hours and feel a lot better for doing it.  After tea I spent a couple of hours in the craft room, on a clean up mission though.

The moving of the greenhouse was started last week, the base has been laid and yesterday, the slabs were put down ready for the greenhouse to be screwed in to the slabs.  The next step is to put all the glass in it and then it will be ready.

This is so exciting for me.  I shall be able to grow lots of things and somehow I must find all these extra hours to do it, oops.

I am not too sure what has happened but I have had a pain in my right hand for a couple of days well today, my right hand doesnt work.  It is not only painful I cant close it, it is swollen and very white.  The pain is now in my wrist and lower arm too.  I shall be calling the doc at 8am.  It is especially concerning as I am half way through all the prep for the craft classes next week, opps

Stampin Up have some new weekly deals and, I shall be putting a little order in tonight.

If you would like anything, do get in touch.

Here is a card I was asked to make recently.

Loved making this and I have since been asked to make another one, similar for another wedding. Its a pity you cant see all the glitter on the bands.

Right, off to get ready to make that phone call to see if I can find a doctor today. Thanks for having a read and have a lovely day x

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