Thursday, March 31, 2016

green fingers

Good morning on this wonderful day.  The forecast today is lots of sun with a high of 11 degrees, lets hope that is the case.

Monday and Tuesday flew by, we did gardening, mending a fence, sorting out a street sign

as well as a little shopping, a lot of laughing and listening to some wonderful songs on the radio.

Then yesterday it was back to work and an afternoon of chatting to my daughters, friends and Paul. Before I knew it, the day was gone and it was time for bed.

The craft room is nearly ready, lots of empty boxes, lots of rubbish in the bin and a lot of sorting out has been done.  Another couple of hours and it will be ready to use again.

Here are a couple of photos that I promised of the greenhouse

The amarylis that didnt flower.  I have been told to water it each week, keep it in the sunshine and then in October put it to bed for 8 weeks.  When I take it out at the beginning of December, it should flower.

The other pot which contains, something that has just slipped my mind, are supposed to be watered until the leaves die.  Then this has to go to bed until 8 weeks before I want flowers...

The water butt has been sorted out and I am watering the plants with fresh rain water, get me *giggling*

 Here are the two sacks that contain potatoes, fingers crossed

 My lettuces, or I hope that they will be

 Then the tomatoes, two kinds, normal and tumblling
Today is the very last day of the Stampin' Up! Sale a Bration.  Your last chance to get £160 worth of Stampin' Up! Craft products for £99.  The last time you can place an order and get one of the Sale a Bration items, free of charge.  I am home all afternoon from 3pm and  this evening if you would like to get any of the above offers, I shall be very happy to help you with these.

Right now I have to hit that shower and get myself off to work for the morning.  Thanks for having a read and wishing you a wonderful day x

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