Friday, April 1, 2016

Fantastic Friday

I am up well before the birds this morning, all of a dither.....does anyone else use that word?

The forecast is due to be around 12 degrees in Derby today but I am also checking out the weather in Peterborough, it says around 15 with sunny spells.  I am off to a crafting weekend with 8 lovely ladies, some super duper shop owners and smashing tutors.  Who could ask for more?

Yesterday was all go in the afternoon, both Christiana and Katerina are ill, with two different things. Christiana has an ear infection, sore throat and pains above her eyes so she is on antibiotics.  Her nose also feels like a tap but the unfortunate thing is that with her condition, she doesnt know it is dripping, she could do with a nose bag.  Katerina has had an upset tum all week, with all the other yakky symptoms that go with it, bless them both.  So I was on and off messenger, skype and facebook until late in the day.

Today the twins are 23 OMG, now where did that go?  I had no time at all to make the cards nor buy presents as the person who was going to take everything out to them gave me 2 days notice that they were leaving and even I am not superwoman.  So it was shop purchased cards this time.  They do have some surprises though, thanks to Christiana organising them.

It is also Bro in Laws birthday today and he did get a handmade card....

Read Red card, shining silvers and Basic Blacks.   I do hope he likes it.

Well I must dash off to work (after I finish packing, sorting out my craft bag etc. etc.)  I am sure the house is going to feel rather lonely and quiet without me it it.

Not forgetting white rabbits either.....thanks for popping in and I hope have an amazing day, without getting caught out too many times with it being the 1st April. x

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