Thursday, April 28, 2016


Good morning and its a day off for me today, when I say day off I mean no office.  Do I ever get a day off from everything else? probably not but thats okay.  We have Mr. Joiner man with us today as the bathroom needs to have a new door frame prior to having tiles put up.  I guess that means lots of mess to clean up later.

So what about this weather!! My daughter can not believe it.  Yesterday we nipped out and got out of the car to snow....after our visit, we got into the car fighting the wind and hail only to come home to blue skies?  She is letting everyone in Cyprus know all about it, especially as mum said 'come home, weather is lovely here' oops.

We had a smashing crafty evening on Tuesday night.  Lots of lovely ladies eating lots of lovely cakes.  Oh, we made cards too *giggling* and our box of course.

My hand has bigshot itus again and i havent used the big shot!!! I am not sure what has happened and getting in at the doc is not an easy process....big sigh

Here is another card I have recently made from my 'sweet' collection.

I do like the clean look.

Off to takle some ironing and put out even more bits for sale on the dressers.  Thanks for having a read and wishing you a wonderful day

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