Thursday, April 21, 2016

Sew lovely

Good morning and what a morning.  The sun is out although it is only 4 degrees at the moment.  I have a few hours at work and then it is home.

On our way to the airport last night we decided to stop off for tea and just look at this place we found.

I hope to take Christiana there next week one evening, when it is warm of course. Stunning views and how calming to be by the canal side. 

Christiana arrived safe and sound and its lovely waking up and chatting to her in person before I go to work rather than over the internet.  When she came she gave me this from her and the twins

Isnt it wonderful and so apt for all the sewing that I am doing at the moment, thank you so much girls.

Here is a card I made earlier in the week,

Lots of different cards from me at the minute, having fun trying out various techniques and styles.  It is crafty week next week so I shall be getting prepared this afternoon.  Thankfully, not too much cutting out this time.

Well thank you for having a read and I hope you have a lovely day.  Tracey x

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