Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Midweek Musing

Good morning on this damp day.  Its it supposed to be warm, around 11 degrees with showers.  We really had a few April showers over the last couple of days and I got wet through on Monday, oops.

Work was busy yesterday and I expect the same today. It was another lovely morning there yesterday and I managed to get lots done

Unfortunately my bigshot itus, or iron itus or something totally different has returned.  My left wrist is badly affected but so is my right knee, so that must be sitting itus.  Struggling to type the blog so without further ado.....weekly deals.

My next order will go in on Sunday so if you want to grab a bargain or two, just get in touch.

I had 2 SU boxes arrive yesterday and there are 2 more coming today so I will be kept busy this evening (working late today).  If you have any orders to collect you are most welcome to pop round later this evening or tomorrow.  I am quite excited to see what we have in the boxes.

Here is another one of the cards we made during our crafty weekend, I just love this

Isnt it sweet. It has a stand at the back, like an easle which is a die...well I just had to order myself one didnt I.

Do you need any wood, have a log burner?  I had a few bits delivered yesterday and now have this outside my back gate.  Please feel free to come to collect.  I have tried to move it but it is so heavy.

Right, off to get ready for work.  Thanks for having a read and have a lovely day x

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