Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sundays catch up

Good morning and what a lovely, fresh morning it is out there.  It is certainly cooler than previous days and we have had a lot of rain in the night which is good as it has filled up the water butt again.  I cant believe how much water I use from there, all helps with the plants.

Speaking of which,  I am so pleased with the way things are going in the greenhouse

Spring onions just coming through




Salad leaves

The plants in the garden are starting to change as well now, what with a little bit of sun and quite a bit of rain.  This is the clematis that I got for our wedding anniversary last year which hasnt really done much but over the last day, this wonderful flower appeared

We have been out and about with Christiana, sorting out bathroom taps and handles (seeing what is easy for her to use).  And of course, visiting garden centers and having tea with nana.  We have even purchased the starting bits to make a fairy garden, we are just waiting for the good weather so that she can stay outside to help me do it.

 We have had lots of visitors too which is always good as its a great excuse to sit and chat.

And of course, cards are being made too.
This is another for my box, as if I havent got enough *giggles*

SALE SALE SALE - yes lots and lots of sale items on the dressers.  Far too many to list but if you are in the area and fancy a look through, you are most welcome to nip in.  Kettle is always on.

Now to get a wiggle on and get the final touches to the card classes done in between cooking Sunday roast.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a lovely Sunday, whatever you are up to


Linda said...

So lovely to have a garden. Great post, thank you so much for sharing.

Lesley said...

happy potting and growing . . . Lesley x