Saturday, April 16, 2016

With a cherry on top

Snow? Snow? lots of friends have snow but thankfully we dont, yet.  It is cold enough to snow at just 2.5 degrees but I dont want any.  Thankfully I have enough to do in the house and craft room this morning so that is where I shall stay.

We had a lovely trip out with the folks yesterday.  Went to Bardills garden center for a cuppa and to collect a couple of bits for Pauls belated birthday celebration tomorrow.  It was a really nice afternoon, despite the rainy weather.  Actually, I thought it was lovely to have a little fresh air and so I thought next Friday we might take a trip to Swarkstone garden center.  That is always nice and full of wonderful ideas.

Last night I tried to finish the sorting of the craft room but then I had this idea

So this morning I have to go and finish the craft room, *giggling*  I will get it done one of these days.

Dont forget it is 'last orders' for the weekly deals tomorrow, unless you would like an order delivered directly to your door. I shall be placing an order around tea time.  Lots of lovely stuff this week.

If you fancy a cuppa this morning, kettle will be on and I will also put on a bit of heating in the craft room too. 

Thanks for having a read and stay warm.  Tracey x

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