Monday, April 18, 2016

Merry Monday Number 15

Good morning and today is a very good Monday morning for a couple of reasons.  The first is that I am not at work WHOOP WHOOP.  I am having the day off with hubby as we have 101 little bits and pieces to do including finishing the rose garden, mowing the lawn, cleaning the deck and lots of bits that we like to do together.

Secondly, I have just purchased a stamp I have been after for months.  Not only that, I got it for FREE.  If you use the code PRIM10 on Create and Craft, you get free p+p as well as £10 off your order price.  You cant beat that start to the week if you are a crafter. 

Yesterday was a lovely day with lots of friends and family popping in to see Paul, have a cuppa and eat cakes.  I even managed to get lots of clothes dried outside in the sun as it turned out to be really warm.  I have the rest of the washing to do today before the man of the house has another working week away so I hope the weather is just as nice.

As usual on a Merry Monday here is another lovely Christmas Card we received

This is from Tricia, thank you.

Tonight Stampin' Up! will advise what is going to be retiring oh no.  I dont know if that is telling the world or just demonstrators.  I recall last year it was a frenzy of orders being placed only to find that you couldnt order things as they had sold out before the order went through.  I will let you know.  It is crafty week next week and I am so looking forward to it.  Feels like an age to see everyone and it will be lovely to have a catch up. 

Right, off to start my day.  Wishing you a wonderful Monday

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