Thursday, May 19, 2016


Good morning and what a soggy one, says the forecast.  Never mind, I will just be pottering today.

As it was my sisters birthday yesterday I made her some bookmarks and put them in a little tin, here they are.

I collect tins, I cant help it.  This is one of hoarding habbits but I do use them and I do give them away with albums in them or like this one, with bookmarks.  I have used mainly Stampin' Up! stamps, inks and card.  Lots of different ribbons and wools.  I hope that she likes these.

So yesterday I was at the hospital for over 5 hours.  The consultant I saw was lovely and very considerate.  She has told me we are going to be working as a team for many months, which was nice.  The staff were amazing and very helpful.  To cut a rather long story short, I had an injection of methotrexate and I have to monitor the side effects for the next week and I have been told not to read up about the drug and the side effects, so I havent.  I should start to feel some benefit in a few weeks time so that is good. I have a lot more appointments for various things and I have made them all for the afternoons, just in case I am at work in the morning.  So it is onwards and upwards today, pottering around.

Thanks for having a read and I wish you a wonderful Thursday, whatever you are up to x

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Lesley said...

Glad you had a positive outcome at your appointment, yes a raft of appointments is all the rage these days. I think I had 6 in 4 weeks last month, but all worth it in the end - glad things are improving even if progress may be slow - Lesley X