Friday, May 13, 2016

Fridays Post

Good morning from a rather cloudy Derby.  The temperature is quite nice but it is a little windy.  Today is my last day off work as I will be hobbling back on Monday.  All I can do is give it a go and try not to let it beat me.

Yesterday was another day of pottering and I did make a start in the craft room.  It isn't quite finished but it should be later this afternoon.  Christiana and Paul spent the afternoon in town, birthday present shopping.  It is the first time that Christiana will be with me on my birthday in many years so we are looking forward to it.

My house is now looking very much like a bathroom storeroom.  All the towels and bathroom bits are in a corner in the living room.  The shower screen is in Christiana's room, the tiles are in the conservatory and the shower tray in the hall.  Later today the shower panels are due, which will also go in the hall.  The bathroom is changing each day. 

Apart from all the writing on the floor as to where everything will go, Paul has taken out the wall remnents that the previous owners left. The wooden support block is still in but this is due to come out tonight.  We have had a new door frame too.  Bless him, he is trying to fill up all the gaps because you would not believe the size of the spiders that are appearing, *shiver*.  Each night we are hoovering and mopping, trying to keep it all clean as we can (royal we...Paul is doing it).

I have had a new punch from Stampin Up

This is my uncles birthday card for tomorrow and I have used the new banner punch on this card.  It has a matching stamp set too and I am just loving this. Unfortunately I cant show you the actual punch on the blog but I know it is going to be a popular one.

Christiana and I have started a fairy garden,

I am just loving creating this with her.  My acer is looking lovely again this year, thank you Jacqui.

Right, off to do a bit of pottering.  I cant sit at the computer for too long, thanks for having a read and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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