Monday, May 23, 2016

Merry Monday 21

Good evening.  I had intended sorting this post out this morning but at 7.30 our new bathroom turned up.  I know I said early but really, that early?  So chappie had to unload it all into the a bathroom showroom.  It is a good job Paul was at home to help sort it out.

Yesterday was a mixed bag of a day.  Christiana has been feeling not so good for a few days, sore throat, sore ear and headache.  She has had this before but a few pain killers and it past but not this time.  She has been in agony all night so we went to the walk in center, which was very good.  They saw her within the hour and told her no infections so just pain killers.

Then Paul took us to Sawly Marina for some fresh air, bless him.  This was followed by some greenhouse work and a TV evening with Britains got talent.  Today she was a lot worse so we made an emergency appointment at the docs.  She has an infection and needs antibiotics ....poor thing.  So we got her those and Paul took us to the crem for some fresh air and to put a few flowers down for Mum in Laws birthday.  The sun was shining and it was really refreshing.  Unfortunately my right hand has been playing up today so I havent managed to do a lot.

At 8.30 bathroom chappies arrived, all 4 of them, gulp, we wasnt expecting that.  The have ripped out my old bathroom, literally.  There is still the door into the bathroom from the kitchen and the previous owners had even tiled over a mirror that was on the door.

We then discovered that one of the joists under the bathroom floor is rotten. 
It has just crumpled away so we have to have a new joist and a new bathroom floor, something we werent expecting at all. They are due back again tomorrow.

As it is Merry Monday, here is a card I received from Pauline

Thank you mrs, it is lovely and sparkly.

Tomorrow is another day so now it is time to organise some food and I think I will put on my pjs and hopefully I will wake up and my hand will be a lot easier.

Thanks for having a read and I do hope you can manage an hour on Saturday for a visit.  I am getting lots of help which is wonderful, thank you ladies, I couldnt do this day without you all. 

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