Sunday, December 26, 2010

All wrapped up

What a lovely day yesterday was. I managed to get everyone up and opening presents about half 8, I think I was more excited than they were. What presents I got WOW. matter, I got far too It was wonderful watching Katerina, Paul and Andis open their presents.
Lunch was prepared, cooked and cleared away and then I managed to look at presents properly. Cuppa was had and just about to make another cuppa and 2 neices with boyfriend, little son, parents, sis and bro in law arrived. We had a brilliant afternoon and evening. I did a buffet for everyone and then it was more presents.....spoilt or what.
I managed to speak to Christiana and Sophia quite a few times throughout the day which was so nice. Next year they have to be here with us.

As you know I have been busy making lots of little bits and pieces the last few weeks (must start earlier next year) but I couldnt share them with you as they have gone out as presents.

I was told about some candles in china cups and so off I went searching the net until I found some and wow, they were lovely. Okay that was it, I wanted to make my own. I started scouting the charity shops for my china cups and saucers until I had enough. Off I trundle to a shop to buy everything I needed. The morning that I wanted to go shopping I woke up to snow but hay, that wasnt going to put me off, I got lost in Nottingham, the shop assistant wasnt too helpful and I did get rather frustrated. But thanks to Jayne and Kev for getting me "unlost" and helping me find my way and thanks to a lovely lady in the shop I managed to purchase all that was required. I started making them and whilst it's time consuming, I really enjoyed it. Here are a few photos

All ready and setting. A little colour and a little perfume was added

I had to try them out didnt I, just in case they didnt burn

All wrapped up and ready for Santa

Thanks for having a read. Have a lovely day, whatever you are up to.


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