Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nearly the weekend

At last Paul has returned home and of course the first thing that he has done.....install the new telly, cor its a whopper. Not that I have time for watching it this evening though. The SU orders have arrived so I am busy sorting them which I love doing.

I have had a hair raising couple of days, I came home from work on Tuesday to frozen pipes in the kitchen, which wasnt nice. Everyone frightened me by saying that it was likely that the pipe would burst and all I could imagine was my kitchen flooded, two weeks before Christmas. Fortunately that wasnt the case and yesterday they thawed out and I now have running water again. The other problem was the pond. We usually have two balls floating around the pond so that it doesnt freeze but the balls have vanished and the pond froze over. Again I was worried about the poor fish not being able to breath so I broke lots of ice up and took some out only to find out the two hours later, it had frozen again. So what did I do...yep broke up all the ice again and removed even more. The fish were fine, swimming away at the bottom of the pond. I am then told that you shouldnt bang the ice as the noise of this under water can actually shock and kill the fish so now I am worried about them and keep going outside to check that they are okay, as if I havent got enough on my plate. Here is a picture of the pond

broken ice
frozen waterfall

I have been a busy little bee in the Christmas card department and ALL MY CARDS ARE DONE YEAH. Here is a little chappie that Pauline managed to locate,

I am not too sure who is going to go out to. I have coloured him in with promarkers and I know I need a bit more practice.
This other card has been done using SU colours and a little shaving brush. This is something that I am trying over and over again to see if I can get it right. It isnt a bad result but I know that I can do better
This has already gone out in the post.....hope the postman delivers it soon. I have also been busy making little gifts for all my stamperettes which I shall show you later in the week.
Have a great evening and thanks for having a read....

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Sue said...

Loveley cards i wonder if the little bear had that jumper for christmas last year !!!!
hope the poor fish are ok luv Sue x