Sunday, December 5, 2010

oh broke

my printer broke which is a major catastrophe for me at this time of year. Birthday cards, Christmas cards, inserts etc. etc. all waiting to be done this weekend. Typical. I I knew that I had to replace it sooner or later but I was hoping it was going to be later.
I have had my eye on a Canon printer and as this has also been recommended to me by a friend, Pauline, I had done quite a lot of homework on it, looking it up on the net, reading reviews etc. etc. so of course, with my Epson failing me I had to get my hands on a Canon quick. I managed to get a good deal at Argos and as they only had one in store, off I went yesterday morning at half past 8 to pick it up. It weighed a ton and could anyone at the shop help me to the car with Off I went with this big heavy box, through the snow to the car park and phew, made it without mishap. Got it in the what. Paul is away and bro in law said he would come and install it. I waited and waited and half 10 last night I gave up waiting.
Opened the box, took out all the packaging and just stared at it, its big, its black and silver and a there are so many books to read, pieces of paper of what not to do, what not to touch, what not to bang it was a bit overwhelming.
Up at the crack of dawn determined not to let a printer beat me, well a printer, technology, the internet and everything else really. Got rid of the old printer and put the new one in its new home...IT DOESNT FIT. Oh well it will just have to do for now in the middle of my study desk. Plugs, mmm Paul has drilled holes in the worktop for all the wires but never mind, we shall have trailing wires across the study for a while. First hurdle, where to you plug it in lol. The instructions say to install in a well lit area well tough, my study is dark so we will have to manage best we can. Yeah plugged it in and got a little pop up screen talking to me, well at least something talks to me. Right, open printer head package and install, open printer cartridges and install DO NOT BANG AGAINST SIDES, DO NOT CATCH, DO NOT TOUCH, what, how on earth am I going to do this.....slowly but surely got that sorted. Then got to get the printer and computer to talk to each other via wii fi gulp. Amazingly enough by going through each process, step by step I got both the computer and printing chatting to each other, I felt like a gooseberry. Now CD rom in place, followed the steps, registered, done. Hay, not so bad. Insert USB lead. Oh, what is one of those? I've heard about them but Paul always goes into a drawer in the shed and comes out with a USB lead mmmm maybe, just maybe one of the old leads from the Epson printer is a USB lead. The first one obviously wasnt but the second one HAY PRESTO, it fits (sounds a bit like cinderella). So now I have a talking printer, a cd rom installing the software and a printer that should work. It doesnt matter that I cant work on the desk, am scrunched up to type on the compter and I will probably trip over the wires and have an accident....IT DIDNT BEAT ME.

The Beastie

If only cleaning of the craft room and finishing the Christmas cards was this easy.

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Handcrafted With Love said...

I know how you feel Tracey .... My printer broke a few weeks ago so I bought a new wireless one and had it all up and running but all of a sudden it's stopped working (stupid machine!) I'm gonna have to get the tech guy from over the road to come and sort it out I think but Oh No ALL my Christmas card inserts are just plain old boring paper inserts with NO GREETING .... Not the same but this year they will have to be just that! Hmmmmmmmm