Wednesday, December 1, 2010

White Wednesday

Woke up this morning to silence, it was sooo quiet outside so I had a peak out the window and WOW, really white, lots of snow and so cold. I think it is going to be a struggle to get to work today but off I must go.
It was our youngest granddaughters birthday yesterday and here is the card that I made her

and the envelope
I used all SU colours and I am trying to master the art of colouring the backgrounds with little brushes, which I love.
Derby Dabblers on Friday YEAH, I love our get togethers and I am hoping that the weather improves so that it doesnt stop everyone turning up. The forecast has sunshine for Friday but still cold...fingers crossed.
I am still putting all my xmas cards together, how did I get so many half finished ones? And the present wrapping....goodness I only have a few days left so must get a move on.
Have a lovely day, whatever you are up to


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Jackie said...

Good morning Tracey, not relishing going to work this afternoon either with all the white stuff around, can't see my car for it brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I Hope it's cleared away for Dabblers on Friday.
Love your card and envelope :o)
Jackie xx