Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day 1

Wishing everyone a very happy 2013.  I hope that this year will be your best yet.

Last  night was a quiet one for us which means that I dont have a hangover to put up with, unlike some others that are reading this, oh yes, I know who you are.

Today we are off for a walk around the crem, that will blow away the cobwebs and then some lunch out.  Its boring ironing this afternoon as a certain person has to pack his case.  That leaves me 4 magic days to craft, craft and do some more crafting before going back to the big office on Raynesway.

New Year Resolutions well I havent made any but, there are 5 things that I am going to change this year

I AM going to lose weight and today is day one of that journey.
I AM going to visit people and talk to them rather than send emails and text messages ( so be warned)
I AM going to go and learn lots of new skills this year, I want to make a cake and decorate it with a big bow made from icing, I want to learn how to make roses and pretty decorated cakes never mind about all the sewing I want to learn too.
I AM going to go to Ireland to see my friend and give her a big hug and have tea with her and I am going to try to meet lots of face book friends that I have never met before.
I know that this is only 4 things but the 5th, well I will tell you more about that another time.

As usual, on the first of the new year, I have a little look back at what I have done in the craft room last year and these are photographs of my favourites




 Thank you for having a read.  The events page is up to date for the next couple of months so if you fancy some card making with me, get in touch or if you just fancy a cuppa and a chat or would like some more information about Stampin Up you can call me on 01332 721877 or send an email to tracey.rossos2@hotmail.com.  Hope to see you soon


Jackie said...

Good morning Tracey and a Happy New year to you and your family. Thank you for your support throughout the year and I hope that you achieve you aims :o)
Jackie xx

Buffy said...

Happy New Year. Looks like you have had a great year, now for more crafting madness.
Buffy xx