Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Midweek Musings, last Wedensday of January

Oooeeerrr I was really afraid last night.  I have never heard the wind howl and wail so much and being home alone didnt help.  Not much sleep was had.  I didnt sleep too well Sunday night nor monday  so today, I am already shattered.  It will have to be an early night (if I dont have a nap in the afternoon), after gym of course.

Here is another of the make and takes I did on Saturday, a bookmark.  Loved doing this but I wont use it, its too nice.  We used a stamp set from the new Spring mini, oh yes, as the Autumn/Winter mini finishes on Thursday, there is a lovely new Spring mini (not so mini) starts on Friday. 
I put my new addition in the craft room last night and had a bit of a sort out.  With getting everything ready for Saturday the craft room looked like a bomb had hit it and I couldnt walk in there.  I seriously cant function properly if it isnt all sorted so, sort it I did.  Looking a lot better and here is a photo of new addition
 I have always wanted to decorate pegs, okay so you are shaking your head but, its something I would like to do.  I have made a start with these, I put lovely papers over the pegs


Then I got to sanding it all down, have you tried the SU Sander wow, its amazing,

Then I punched out quite a few butterflies, love this punch


Which I have put on these, all ready for Saturday

But I really would like to do more with them.  Paul has helped me seperate some, which I painted.  When he put the gubbings (inards, springs, whatever they are called), back onto the peg, the white paint got scratched, so I have to paint them again.  Not too sure what else to do with them.  Have you ever decorated pegs?  If you have, please share your photos.

Thank you for having a read today and I hope that the wind hasnt had any bad effects on you.

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