Saturday, January 5, 2013

My cup isnt half empty, its full

Good morning from a very warm Derby.  The weather forecast for the whole weekend is quite warm with some sunshine, that is perfect as I really would like to try and get outside to tidy up the garden.  First of all I must tidy up inside, I am so messy at times.

After the shopping yesterday I had an hour to myself to play and this is what I came up with

 For those that dont know me, I have a bit of a liking for china cups and saucers.  I have quite a few of them and add to this collection most weeks.  I am always very grateful of any cups that people give me too as I use them so much,  Well, I wondered what else I could do with them and this is what I did.  I know they are not perfect but I just love them and the more that I try and put flowers in, the better they will become.  Here is a close up.



Now I dont know a lot about flowers in the UK (having been in Cyprus) for quite a few years and I know even less about all the green leaves and plants so I thought I would ask the local florist.  Well what a disappointment.  I have not met anyone who was less helpful and the price she charged me for a few green twigs was disgraceful and really, I should have left the shop empty handed.  I shall be going to a few different florists for their help and advise and see if there is someone who is more helpful.

The Stampin' Up! order arrived YEAH.  I have sorted it out and here are the first 2013 Thank You cards.

All SU products and I loved making them.  If you would like to make these or something similar, just let me know and I would love the show you how I did it.

The next Stamperettes group will start at the end of February.  If you would like to know more, just get in touch and I can tell you more about it.

The diet went well yesterday and as it was Friday, I had a treat.  A cadburys cream egg ohhhh.  I love them but how small they have become.  I am also really pleased to say that on the scales this morning, I have lost 1 and half pounds how good is that. 

*waving* to everyone that I visited yesterday.  Thank you to you, for reading this and wishing you a lovely weekend.

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scrappymo! said...

your first thank you cards of the year look that soft pink and the lovely bows!
scrappymo #21