Thursday, January 3, 2013

On my travels

Oh what a day I had yesterday.  I was in the states, Canada, all over the UK and a couple of places I dont even know where they were...all of this on Julias WOYWW.  I really had a lovely time looking at other peoples crafty space, seeing what people are making and certainly being inspired but that does mean that the chores have to be done today, boo hoo.  I will also be looking up a few crafting items that I have never heard of before, oh thank goodness for the big wide web.

I also managed to have two very lengthly conversations with my youngest and my eldest daughter.  Again, thank goodness for the internet as both calls were free via Skype.  Its wonderful to catch up on all their news and they had so much to tell me too.

I am trying to get as many cards finished as I can as I have boxes (yes plural) boxes of cards that have been started either in a class, in Cyprus or at other times but not finished off.  Here is a Pocket Silhouttes card in Marina Mist and More Mustard (M&M)...

It a lovely card that I enjoyed finishing and can now be added to the FOR SALE cards or written out for one of the 100s of birthdays that I have throughout the year.  I get such a sense of satisfaction when a card has been finished.

It will soon be crafty week.  If you fancy coming along to make a couple of cards and spend an evening with like minded people.  Please do get in touch to book your place.

During my daily sort out - oh yes the sort out will happen each day, no matter what - I have come across a few books that I no longer need.  Paul and I have our garden looking exactly as we like it and I have a very large flower/plant encyclopedia that I am keeping, should I need to look anything up.  If you would like any of the books below to help with your garden (not to sell on), please let me know and I will put them to one side for you.

Day 2 of diet went well.  I ate 3 meals and no treats and there was lots of going up and down the stairs.  I also went out for a little walk to the shops and post office.  

*waving* at my latest follower on the blog, thank you for joining.  Off to start those chores and then I can get back into the craft room tonight. 

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Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi Tracey thank for popping over and well done on your resolutions sticking at it is the hard bit but as you go the sense of achievement carries you... love the card from the desk below, Shaz in oz.x #20