Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Midweek Musing

I managed to get a few more hours sleep last night so, fingers crossed, I should be feeling a little better for a little longer today.  Its amazing how this has really knocked me for six but, staying positive as you must.

Christiana had a wonderful time with us although she really was very poorly.  We managed to visit a lot of local places and even to see Katerina in Preston, thanks to Paul doing all the driving.  She hasnt seen Katerina for a while and they do miss each other soo much.  Now she can picture Katerinas apartment and the places that Katerina goes too when they talk on the phone, which they do more than once each day.  She is now back in Cyprus going backwards and forwards to doctors, hospitals, family and trying to get lots of things sorted, ready for her next trip to the UK.  Here is her card that she sent for Paul's Birthday, along with a close up.

There is lots of exciting news from Stampin' Up! and I just have to try and spend a good half hour on the computer, reading all about it, so that I can pass it on.  Perhaps I will feel well enough later today to sit here a little longer.

Thanks for having a read and thank you for all your wishes.

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