Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday morning, again

Here we go again, another start to another week.  I just clicked onto the Derby weather forecast to see that it is going to be 22 degrees today HUH, I then realised that I had Derby USA in there opps so in reality, we may get to 7 degrees but wow, what a lovely weekend weatherwise we had.

The garden has has its first prune and tidy up, the windows got cleaned, Sunday lunch cooked and lots of other little jobs got done.  The brown bin (which we will soon not be having) got full and Paul had to actually get in it, to pack it all in. 

I just hope that come bin day, everything comes out and it isnt all stuck in there.

Friday night was Derby Dabblers and what a lovely turn out.  We did the Derby Dabble Constitutuion, all in the hopes of getting funding.  If we are successful with the funding application, it will mean that anyone that comes to Derby Dabblers wont have to pay the room hire, which is great news.  I will keep you posted on how we get on.

Christiana is still not well, I am hoping to get in to see a doctor today.  Her cough is just getting worse and worse and we have tried all sorts.  Her tum and throat hurt so much and we are both just shattered, not having much sleep for the past 4 nights.  Fingers crossed that someone can see her later today.  Mum has had a bit of a scare too but thankfully, she is feeling a lot better and she too needs to see her doc soon.  All go in the Anthony household.

Speaking of 'go', this is going to be winging its way back to Cyprus

I painted it some time ago and knew what I wanted to put in it but I waiting for Christiana to let me know what she wanted.

 We stamped out a lable on shrink plastic and wrote the words Sew Sweet Home and then shrunk it down, this was to be the wall hanging.  Then it was filling some tiny little jars with tiny little pearls and then creating a wish jar.  The wish jar has a wish on every knot that we put in.  The middle jar has a heart hat pin put through the cork.

Tags were next, I collected this one from Hobbycraft in Peterborough

and then Christiana chose the colour of the thread, which is SU bakers twine.

Putting lace into a small jar with a button on top.  Obviously buttons all over which havent been stuck down, just in case we see something else on our travels

I stuck this to the back and the tag has a personal message in it, from me to Christiana.  If you would like a look at this in real life, I have Tuesday at Tracey's tomorrow and it would be lovely to see you.

I always wondered why I kept my box of ribbons, lace and other bits and now I know as it has come in really useful.

 Paul had to take the car out yesterday and asked Christiana if she wanted a ride out, she jumped at the chance and decided to take Dude with her

 Here they are about to go on their travels
And this is Dude this morning.

Sorry about the amount of photos but thanks for having a visit and I hope your Monday is a pleasant one.

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