Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Midweek Musing - A bit of an epic post

I am afraid that I have been struggling to get on computer for a few days as I am full of cold and it is one of those where your eyes hurt, nose drips like a tap, headache and generally very run down.  My voice is not deep and sexy as you would think, it is high pitched and squeeky but never mind, I am sure I will feel better soon.  I am managing to do four hours at work each morning but then I am in bed, sleeping the afternoon away, up for a bite to eat and then back to bed again.  I will shake it off though, it will not beat me.

Last Thursday was the first meet up of Boulton Lane Baptist Church.  There were 5 of us.  We made this little card and I am sure at the next get together, which has MENS CARDS theme, we will be a little more organised.

 Everyone does need to bring their own crafting items with them as this is really  a social event where like minded people get together and make a couple of cards and get to know each other, make new friends etc.

Once I got home, my cold really started, runny nose, achiness and tiredness.  I battled into work on Friday and on Friday night, went along to our second Christmas Card and Chatter Club. I got about 8 cards all prepared and I will show you those, once I empty my bags. 

We didnt celebrate Valentines on Friday (cause I had already planned on going out) but we did celebrate on Saturday as Paul cooked a wonderful home made soup followed by Spag Boll, his favourite.  The weekend was a sleeping one for me, not going out, staying in bed all nice and warm. 

I must show you how my flowers are doing, first of all here area all the lovely daffodils that I received last week, they have opened and spread Spring all through the house, wonderful.

 There are tiny little white flowers in there, all starting to appear.
 This has got sooo big, the flower stem has split into two so there are two flowers on the stem.  Not sure if this should be propped up but Paul says no, it can support itself, how exciting.

Thanks for having a read and fingers crossed I will be back to my normal self soon.  As soon as I am able, I shall visit blogs, catch up with emails and text messages, apologies for the delays.

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