Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursdays Post

I cant remember the last time I laughed so much, it certainly is a tonic.  This was at Slimmers World last night, had a lovely night.  I havent lost any weight this week but the good news is, I didnt put any on either.  I must try harder over the next week, now I think I know where I am going wrong.

Goodness me that wind.  Yesterday afternoon and last night it was awful in Derby.  I am rather frightened of strong wind because when I was younger, we had a chimney that crashed through our roof of our house, it went straight into the spare bedroom.  The weight of all the bricks threatened the collapse of the kitchen ceiling.  We were home with our Grandad at the time and those sounds always haunt me.  So it was no surprise that I was afraid last night.  Very thankful that we are all dry and my heart goes out to all those people down in the South of England.

Here is a card that I received

Isnt it a smasher.  Thank you so much.

Katerina flew to Athens yesterday (first thing in the morning).  She has met up with her twin and lots of their friends for a girly week together.  They have all grown up with each other and are all over the world so meeting up should do them all good.  I do hope that they have a lovely time. It is a good job she went yesterday, she wouldnt have got to the airport this morning as she gets there by train.

Its the first crafty get together today at St. Boultons, if you fancy making a card or two please feel free to join us from half 1 ish for a couple of hours.  I shall be there from 1pm.  We are making ladies cards so just bring your bits.

Thanks for having a read and have a safe day

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