Monday, February 24, 2014

Mondays catch up

 New day, new week and another new start on this journey of life.  After an absolutely wonderful weekend away with hubby, well I needed it, I feel totally well this monday morning.  My cold has gone, no cough and I am fully rested.  Legs ache a bit from walking as I dont get to do too much of that and I think I have overdosed on fresh air but hay, that isnt a bad thing.

We have been to Manchester, visiting shops, art museums, Mexican restaurants, Greek Restaurants, coffee shops and I have been hob knobbing with the famous (Fiz from Coro actually came over to me in a tea shop to see how I was OMG). 

We travelled by train on Friday afternoon to Manchester and whilst the trains were all held up, it didnt matter.  When we on the train we decided to go to the airport to meet Katerina as her plane was delayed and we surprised her.  Spent a wonderful evening catching up with all her antics in Athens.  Saturday we discovered Manchester and I loved it.  Everyone was happy, polite, helpful and I wondered if I had gone to another country?  Saturday night we saw the X Factor Show (our 5th one) and it was the best yet in a show.  The entertainment value was 100% but it was a little too much "young boys" singing rather than the star but hay, it didnt matter.  We returned home yesterday by train and after unpacking, Paul packed again as he has to leave today.  It was smashing.

While we were away, look what made an appearance.
There have also been a couple of birthdays, Alysons last week and its Annes today.  Wishing them both a happy birthday and I do hope they enjoy their special day.


I shall be catching up today with a few chores and baking as tomorrow is the first of the crafty nights.  I have one spare place if anyone would like to join us tomorrow night.  Give me a ring on 01332 721877 and I can tell you more about our crafting get togethers.  I shall also get round all the fantastic inspiration blogs that I visit and reply to all those precious emails that are sat waiting for me.  There is also updating this blog, answering a couple of letters....goodness, I had better get a move on

Thank you for having a read and I hope you have a wonderful day. 

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Jackie said...

Good morning Tracey, lovely Amaryllis, mine is just about gone over now! Lovely cards too :o)
Jackie xx