Friday, December 23, 2011

2 Sleeps to go

What a bright and breezy day I had yesterday. The kitchen got a good clean including the cooker, hob and extractor, all my bits and bobs came out, had a clean, a polish and put back into place. I even managed a little bit of ironing fortunately, I was saved from doing lots and lots of it by visitors, which was really appreciated. Then I made mince pies, lemon curd tarts and jam tarts. Finished the day off with shepherds pie and a tidy up.s

As promised, here are the some more cards that I have received, tomorrow I shall show you the last of the them

Arent they all stunning?
Well I have been to the dentist this morning. I had a broken tooth, my front tooth. I believed it was a past filling that had come out and I was right. As I have been in quite a bit of pain with this recently I suspected that I had an abcess and unfortunately, I was right. The abcess was so bad that the dentist had to make a hole in my tooth to relieve all the puss and pressure. Not nice. On top of that, he has had to remove the root/nerve, not quite sure but I can tell you that it was not a very pleasant experience. my dentist is the the nicest person you could hope to meet and as he knows I am afraid of dental treatments, he puts so much stuff in my mouth to freeze it that I dont feel any pain at all. I can certainly recommend him to anyone who may be afraid of dentists.

So here I am, sat at home with my mouth frozen, my face swollen, eye half closed. Paul has gone off to do some xmas shopping and I am going to go and have a potter and then try and get in my craft room. I am sure that everything will all be okay by the time santa comes and I can enjoy my xmas dinner.

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Lesley said...

Hope you feel better soon - have had similar several times in the past and it is not nice take care Lesley x