Monday, December 19, 2011

6 sleeps to go

This is an extremely long post so grab a cuppa and get comfy.
Oopps I overslept on Saturday and on Sunday but the good news is that I got up around 8a.m. this morning. When I say overslept, I mean I got up later than I wanted to cause I hadnt really got to get up for anything too important over the weekend. Katerina rang me at half 8 Saturday morning to chat on Skype so it was lovely having my morning cuppa chatting to her and Sophia. They are both well and were both getting ready to go into Larnaca town centre for coffee with friends. Paul and I went into town to get the last of the presents. I am really really lucky as Paul doesnt mind a crowded town with lots of shoppers, he just says the more the merrier and we managed to get everything that we went for (plus a little more). Just one more present to buy and wrap today and then its all done and dusted.

Here is another one of the Christmas cakes I made recently
I hope to bake later this week, just have to get my chores done first, especially the cleaning of my craft room, I cant walk in there, nevermind about do a card or two, I dont know how I got it into such a mess.
We had the family round to visit on Sunday and as I had left my bigshot downstairs after cutting out even more tags (well I couldnt do it in the craft room as there wasnt a space for me), the grandchildren were asking what it was. So I showed them and just look what they all created.

Are these the next generation of crafters? Next time they come we are going to use the bigshot to make cards using a caterpiller die that I have, more kits to get ready lol.

Here is another little card that I made for Craigs son
And here is a card that we made recently. As soon as I saw this I knew I had to CASE it and I am so pleased that I did, its a lovely card and I really enjoyed making this with all my friends.
I thought I would share some of the wonderful handmade Christmas cards that I have been receiving this last week with you. I have so many talented friends, thank you so much for these.

I shall share more with you tomorrow.
I really must get my skates on now and start my pottering. Thanks for having a read on this really cold day. Wrap up warm and have a lovely Monday.

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Lesley said...

didn't the children do well -bet they enjoyed making the elephants best wishes Lesley x