Thursday, December 1, 2011

White rabbit white rabbit white rabbit

1st December and its lovely and warm today. The sun is out and its a wonderful crisp morning, well it is where I am.
An earlier start to my day today and feeling very positive. Still a little light headed so I wont be doing too much, whats new I hear you say. The house is tidy, the washer is on so I think I will do a few chores and then go and sit in my craft room for a couple of hours and make some Christmas cards. This afternoon I shall be going on my daily walk, post some overseas cards, get some more fresh veg and this evening I am seeing a few friends. A nice relaxing day and hopefully the blood pressure will stay down.
A big cheer from everyone please.....I still havent had a cigarette YEAH. This is now my 5th week and its still tough. If I had cigarettes at home I would have smoked one or two by now but I have resisted the urge to buy any, I know that my health is a lot more important.
Enough of the boring stuff, how about this for an advent calendar
You will have to click on the picture to make it bigger so that you can get a proper look at it and the quality of the photo isnt brilliant due to the poor lighting but hay, something for you to look at . I made it a few weeks ago with a group of wonderful ladies in Peterborough and I did all the finishing off at home. It has a little chocolate in each drawer which will be my treat at the end of each day.
And now for something a little different
This is the painting that Paul and I got with all the fantastic wedding gifts/vouchers for our wedding earlier this year. I hate to say this but we still havent got our wedding album of photographs and this is a top priority job when Paul comes home from site.
Thanks for having a read and I am sure that there will be some cards for you to have a look at tomorrow x


Anonymous said...

Magnificent! (As usual. :-P )

Sue said...

The Advent calander is stunning much better in real life also the painting congratulations on still not smoking well deserved praise Luv Sue x

Lesley said...

The advent calender is superb and the picture you bought from the gallery is lovely best wishes Lesley x