Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Birthdays, Baubles and Christmas Card 15

If I was you, I would grab a cuppa as this is rather a long post today, with quite a few photos. Today I was up rather early, for a change. Katerina is leaving UK to go home for Christmas and I knew that her taxi was due to pick her up at 6a.m. so I was hoping to be up early, to make sure she was up early but, she sent me a text at 4a.m. which woke me She went to bed at 6p.m. last night (this was because she didnt go to bed monday night) so she was up bright and early ready for her taxi. Unfortunately, so far, the flight is delayed by 4 hours so she is with another 11 friends at Manchester airport waiting. Paul is due home today, fingers crossed so at least I shall have some company at home again.
Yesterday it was my nieces birthday, yes more twins, they were 9 years old and here are the cards I made for them a while back. Cuties

The search is over, do you remember my posts about looking for pretty table cloths? I finally found 2 table cloths to make my kitchen table pretty, what do you think?

Opps I should have smoothed it over first lol. And here is another Christmas cupcake that has already been eaten.
I have already been out to the doctors this morning. He is pleased with my progress so far, 6 weeks of not smoking, blood pressure slowly coming down, strength in right hand improving and looking healthier (perhaps a bit heavier but never mind). He has asked me to stay off work for another 4 weeks so that he is 100% sure that I have adapted to all the medication that I am on. I have gone from taking no medication at all to taking lots during different times of the day. I do get some side effects but that could also be due to the non smoking, caffine withdrawal as I am only having 2 coffees a day and the shock to the system of the mini stroke. Hopefully I will feel crafting a little more and getting myself back to 100%.
And finally for today, a Christmas tree bauble
This was made by Elvie (I think), isnt it wonderful.
Okay you can stop yawning now and get on with your day lol. Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a lovely day. If you are going out, wrap up warm. x

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