Thursday, December 22, 2011

3 sleeps to go

Up early today, for a change but only cause I was at docs at 9.20. My boken tooth now has an abcess and I rang doc yesterday to check I can take pain killers, doc wanted to see me. So, on top of all new mediation I am also taking painkillers and antibiotics, at least I will rattle for Christmas.

Had coffee with friends yesterday and today I am staying at home. Thought I would tackle the cleaning of the oven, arent I brave. I want to bake later today and to me there nothing better than seeing my tarts through a clean oven door. So if you fancy tarts, you are most welcome to pop round later this afternoon and say helloo

What about these cards? This was a stamp I was after for ages and ages and ages and my friend, who has just become a grandmother AGAIN, managed to get it from the states. She got one for me too and its just adorable. I think I may be using this for a valentine card too.

Congratulations to Pauline and hubby on the arrival of their new grandson. He has arrived quite a few weeks early but both mum and little one are doing fine. I will get a card sorted as soon as I am able.

Here are a few more cards that I have received from my talented friends

And I will show you more cards that I received tomorrow.

Last night we went to see the grandchildren and we had a lovely surprise. Robert had taken videos of the Christmas plays so we sat and watched them, stars in the making.

Thanks for having a read today and thank you for all your comments. Have a lovely day

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Lesley said...

love the bear stamps & the cards you made with them best wishes Lesley x