Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cute, clean and simple card

Goodness what strange  weather we had in Derby yesterday, snowing.  Then the snow stopped and the sun came out only to be followed by snow again.  And the wind.  I was really afraid yesterday afternoon by the wind, the noise of it and I wasnt sure what damage would be caused.  Never mind, it is a lot calmer this morning and I havent heard the forecast for today, perhaps just as well. We do have snow on the ground though, which is a bit yaks to drive on so I will go in a little early and try to avoid the rush.

Well Monday went by very quickly, full and busy morning at work, afternoon sorting out SU orders, lots of them, cleaning up the mess my husband and my youngest daughter left (still got some bits to do) and finishing off a card or two for the box.

I managed to file a couple of things away, sort out more stuff to GIVE AWAY and generally have a really good old potter.  Bed early with the drama, are you watching Broadchurch?  I watched Mayday which I enjoyed, trying to get into Shetland and am making a point of sitting down at 9a.m. each evening to watch tv.

Here is one of the cards that I finished last night.

I do like to do cute, clean and simple cards.  A little watercolouring on this one but no glitter.

Well thanks for having a read today. I hope the snow doesnt cause you too many problems.

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