Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mid week musing

Middle of a week and what a busy one it has been so far.  Apart from work, there has been the gym, lots of catching up with my daughters and an evening of crafting with friends last night.  The house is clean, the chores are all done and all that is left to do is the never ending ironing.

After Saturday's get together my friend went home and made more cards similar to those that we had done in the morning, here is a picture of it,

I am sure you will all recognise some of the stamps.  It is lovely and thanks for letting me share it with all my blog friends.  Oh yes, I do have blog friends as my blog gets nearly 100 people each day having a look, so thank you.

Today I have come home to a heron in my garden with a fish in its mouth.  Oh I went mad at it, the heron flew off and droped the fish.  I gently picked it up and put it back in the water but do you know, I am not sure if it is one of my fish as it is soo biiiigggg.  I now have to see if I can put the netting over the pond again, with Paul being away, it is going to be a struggle.  And my fish, well I couldnt see too many of them oh oh.

The events section of my blog has all the dates on for the next few months so, if you fancy a night or afternoon of crafting, let me know.

There is only 2 and a bit days left of Sale a Bration - dont miss out.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a lovely week

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