Saturday, March 30, 2013

Shopping Saturday

We are off shopping this morning.  We are off into the Westfield in Derby which isnt too bad but today it is shopping for aides for Christiana.  She struggles to put shoes and socks on so, we are going to see what we can find that may help her.  She is soo excited about it which is good news.  I am also going to take her into Lakeland, she has never been before so that will be a treat and then we shall have a cuppa at Marks (yes I will see if I can get some edible straw from Marks in town).

Christiana is sooooo  cold over here at the moment that when we go out she has about 8 layers on.  She does look all bundled up.  Fingers crossed that Westfield wont be too busy and we can have a chilled morning wandering around.  This afternoon we are going to wash her hair, do some crafting and try and get a little ironing done as well, yaks.

Here is a card that I received from Helen with another bead in it.  Helen is my upline in the Stampin Up world and as I recently got promoted, this is the congratulations card she sent.

Do you like my little roses?  I put this together on Tuesday for Christianas arrival.  They are still looking good.
I must remember to ask my friend Paula, the names of some greenery and flowers that will be okay in my tea cups as I always forget.

Tomorrow we are having Rob, Nat and the girls round for a late lunch/early tea and I am cooking a large Cypriot dish called Tava.  It really is scrummy and we shall have a big salad, lots of fresh bread from birds followed by a Cypriot Coffee Cake and Chocolate Nest Cake.  We can all just sit around the table, eat and chat away, something I am really looking forward to.

I hope that you have a wonderful day today and thank you so much for nipping in to have a read.

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