Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Midweek Musing

Here are some of the tulips that mum got for me.  We had a pretty awful time at the hospital recently, things did not go according to plan so she got me these as a thank you, along with lots more flowers.  I just thought they looked nice on a day when Spring was supposed to have Sprung.

Here is the last project we did at our SS weekend

What fun it was. I ran out of time to finish this on the day but managed to get it done yesterday.

Do you fancy £162.50 of stampin up goodies for just £99.  Its the best bargain that I know of and, no catches.  Just let me have your phone number or email and I will get in touch to tell you all about it.

Well I am a little late for work today so got to get my skates on.  Have a wonderful day and I hope you manage to stay dry from the snow that is expected, the rain that we are due to have oh, and dont forget the thunder storms that are due.....can  you tell I listened to the weather forecast this morning?  I dont know why I bothers.

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Lesley said...

What fun we did have at Sir Stamp a lot - I've still not yet finished this project though - your very discaplined best wishes Lesley