Sunday, March 10, 2013

Happy Mothers Day

Wishing all mummies a very happy Mother's Day.  A special wish to all those mum's and children who are watching over us.

Well, here are the cards that I made for mum and mum in law, I did two the same and I do hope that they like them.

Well I have got a lovely ornament from my girls, I collect willow and Katerina really put a lot of thought into the new addition.  I received flowers and card from Rob, Nat and the girls and, as Katerina is still in bed, I suspect that she may have another card lurking at the bottom of her case.

Yes, that's right, Katerina is here.  We met up on Thursday afternoon in Birmingham at the train station.  We had a bite at Debenhams then did a little shopping before returning to Derby by train.  It was a lovely afternoon out.   I cant tell you how wonderful it is to know that she is in the house, to do things for her and just sit and chat.  Unfortunately she is going home this morning but I am so pleased we got to spend this time together.

On Friday we went to Next Home and I got her a vase.  Its the same as mine, the tea cup and saucer one, as above.  Now those that know Katerina know how things just happen to break when she looks at them, honest.  It is never her fault lol.  Therefore I decided to get this delivered to Preston, can you image her trying to take it on a train, yikes.

Then we nipped to post office to pick up some 12 x 12 pads that had been delivered (please note Jacquie, Lesley and Pam, they are here).  And then, for the icing on the cake, we went and got Paul from the train station.  Bless him, he came home just to spend a few hours with us.  He was here Friday night, all day Saturday, fixing another leak in the kitchen, and then back to Plymouth again first thing this morning.

Right, off to spend Mother's day doing chores, in craft room and pottering.  Thanks for having a read and I hope you have a great day


Lesley said...

lovely card glad you all had a lovely weekend and a great Mum's day Lesley x

Anonymous said...

Hi sorry but I have been looking for one of these vases for ages...did you say you got it in next?? hope you don't mind me asking you..sarah

Tracey said...

Sarah, I dont mind you asking at all. Yes they sell them in next and cost £14. As I didnt want my daughter to break it when she caught the train home, Next offered to have it delivered to their store, free of charge. I do hope you manage to get one. Tracey x

Anonymous said...

Hi I really love the vase, a wierd question but would you considering selling it as I am looking to replace one? Thanks