Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday cuppa at Traceys tonight

Yes its open house tonight so if you fancy a natter and a coffee, please feel free to call in at any time from 6pm for a couple of hours.  Not sure what cakes we shall have, I will see what ingredients I have later today or nip to the shop.

I am still so excited about the last weekend.  When we got there on Friday, Janice and Andy had the hot water and the coffee waiting for us, which we needed as we had stopped off in a couple of places, the Range in Peterborough and also Hobbycraft.  I can certainly recommend the Range for a walk around but Hobbycraft, mmm, didnt have a lot in.  They do seem to have gone very " material and sewing " but it was still nice to walk around and see these items.

So Friday night went so quickly and before we knew it, Saturday arrived.  Our first port of call on Saturday is Morrisons, oh yes its a Morrison breakfast, stock up on all the items we forgot (dont you always forget something) and then back to SS for a little more crafting.  Well when I say a little, I mean a lot, we made this.

 I am not too sure what it is called but it was SEW nice to make and now I know how to make others.  It took us all day but we had a wonderful buffet lunch with the now famous fresh fruit salad and fresh cream. 

After class we went out for a meal which was super with the company, how could it not be?  We laughed a lot, moaned a lot and by the end of the evening, the world was put to rights (hugs to you know who).

I have already done a full mornings work so its a few chores, a trip to the shop and gym and get the spare room ready for Katerina who thinks she may come a day earlier, bless her.

Thanks for having a read and I hope you manage to enjoy the sunshine that we have this afternoon

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Lesley said...

it was a great project to make - and what a great w/e too hope work was ok for your this week best wishes Lesley x