Thursday, September 22, 2016

Card Kit

Good morning, just. The sun is out and its going to be around 20 degrees today, which will be nice.

No workmen today, they are coming back tomorrow to lay the lawn, clean up and do all the finishing touches.  They still have to come to repair the drive and the pavement as they have damaged both.

I am feeling a little better today compared to yesterday, which is a bonus. 

Here is a card from a kit I made up. 

I must say that the kit wasn't too well put together.  I had to trim it down quite a bit to make it fit but it is just fine for my box of cards.  I have lots of little sentiments to add to the card when I know who it is for.  I do have quite a lot of kits that need putting together so when I am fit and able, that is what I shall be doing.  The craft room still needs a good tidy but I am doing that bit by bit.  It will be finished one day.

Right, off to make a bit of lunch before pottering again.  Thanks for having a read and wishing you a wonderful Thursday x


Buffy said...

Lovely little card Tracey

Buffy xx

Lesley said...

Great card - hope your hands are improving even if it is slowly - have a good weekend - Lesley 😊