Sunday, September 4, 2016

Friday Feeling

Good morning.  A bit cloudy out there and the threat of some rain but that is okay.  I do like being outside even if I can do a bit of sweeping and tidying.  Not a lot of gardening happening at the moment but I am doing what I can.

Today I have woken up with achy painful hands. So I am hoping that today will be a good day and and I can do some little bits and pieces that have needed doing for a while.

The garden man is coming today, to finalise the plans for next week.  As I cant visualise things, Paul has drawn it all out, in the garden

What do you think?  I do hope we dont make any mistakes with this...rather nervous and excited at the same time. The borders are going to be a little bit bigger, we shall have a triangle ish shape as you come up the path and lots of lawn.

Have you had a peek at the new Catalogue, anything you really like?  I shall be placing an order on Tuesday/Wednesday should you wish to add anything to it, quite like a few little bits.

Off to potter as best I can, thanks for having a read and have a lovely day x

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