Monday, September 26, 2016

Lawn at last

Good morning and it is going to be a wet day today I am told.  That is good as it means that the new lawn wont need so much watering.

Yes the lawn, path and garden are finished WHOOP WHOOP.  I am really pleased with it and cant believe the difference it has made.  The workmen finished Friday night and someone is coming later in the week to sort out the drive and pavement so viola.

I have spent the whole weekend outside, really.  We (the royal we) have planted some lovely poorly corner plants that have to be taken care of , I have swept paths, we have watered and it has been wonderful.  The fresh air has really made me sleep well at night and to be honest, only a few aches and pains.

I havent been in the craft room since Thursday so today I will spend as much time as I am able to in there, once it is warm.  Here is another card from a kit I have finished off.  This kit was purchased at least 5, maybe 6 or even 7 years ago. 
It is tablet day today and I am hoping that the nasties wont hit until a bit later on in the day meaning, I am getting used to taking them...we shall see.

I shall try to catch up with emails as soon as I can but there are just not enough hours in the day, opps.

Hope your weekend has been as good as mine.  Thanks for having a read and wishing you a lovely day.

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